MARIPOSAS DE LA PROVINCIA DE MISIONES ARGENTINA The Erebidae are a family of moths in the Noctuoidea superfamily. The family is among the largest families of moths by species count and contains a wide variety of well-known macromoth groups. The family includes the underwings (Catocala); litter moths (Herminiinae); tiger, lichen, and wasp moths (Arctiinae); tussock moths (Lymantriinae); piercing moths (Calpinae and others); micronoctuoid moths (Micronoctuini); snout moths (Hypeninae); and zales, though many of these common names can also refer to moths outside the Erebidae (for example, crambid snout moths). Some of the erebid moths are called owlets. Hay Especies NO IDENTIFICADAS, si las conoces puedes enviar su Nombre, tu colaboracián es BIENVENIDA!!!